Emirates SkyWheels, part of the SkyCargo freight division, flew the United Arab Emirates’ first ever locally designed and built vehicle for exhibition at the 24 hour Le Mans race held in France over the weekend.

Equation Composites is the first car company to have acquired a vehicle manufacturing licence in the Middle Eastern country. The vehicles are built under the Jannerelly automotive brand and are co-founded by designer, Anthony Jannarelly and composite materials expert, Frederic Juillot.

The company uses a small team of specialists to build each Jannerelly Design-1 car, allowing for a high degree of customisation according to the company.

Emirates SkyCargo worked with Prodex Worldwide, a specialist freight forwarding company, to transport the vehicle from Dubai to Lyon.

The freight division of Emirates airline, Emirates SkyCargo, launched the SkyWheels service last November, dedicated to classic, luxury and sports car moves.

Recently it announced that it had flown Jaguar Land Rover vehicles from the UK’s Birmingham airport to Chicago in the US.