The business software solutions group Epicor Software Corporation has created a new service for its automotive customers, which will enable them to identify location-specific inventory modes based on the demand of actual parts.

Version 6 of Epicor Vista for the Automotive Aftermarket will allow users to categorise their demands by vehicle, brand and other criteria. The programme works by analyzing buying patterns in the market, as well as emerging trends. It looks at store sales and regional demands and ranks them accordingly.

The company said the newest version of the service includes improved data visualisation and is able to summarise parts consumption in a clear and easy-to-access online format.

The solution will allow for enhanced category management – in a broad sense to the parts installer but also to the individual vehicle itself. It will also anticipate the repair demand by part type and brand.

Steve Bieszczat, senior vice president for automotive, marketing and retail distribution solutions for Epicor, said that the development would empower the entire distribution channel.

“Vista 6 delivers advanced, aftermarket-specific analytics that can dramatically enhance inventory efficiency and sales performance at the DC, store and installer levels,” he said.