DandridgeModCarHaul10[1]Ernest Dandridge Carrier Design Services, which provides cartridge-style modules for the loading of finished vehicles into enclosed trailers, has moved its production operation in the US from a sub-contractor shop in Louisville, Kentucky to its production facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The company has been working with custom trailer maker Kentucky Trailers, based in Louisville, on a line of adjustable, self-contained hydraulic car hauling modules for use in variously sized Kentucky electronics van trailers, both new and used. The modules come in various configurations and with accessories that include an electronic load height sensor system, which alerts drivers to the risk of vehicle damage when loading.

According to the company, the relocation will mean the collaboration operates more efficiently because its design and production will be co-located in the same state rather than being 600 miles (965km) apart. The facility in Fredericksburg is adjacent to Interstate 95.

"The shop has been in operation since 1991 in the work of metal fabrication, hydraulics, and fleet services," explained company founder, Ernest Dandridge. "They are also affiliated with the race car field. At one time a number of years ago, they also operated a few open car carriers hauling off lease vehicles for a couple of OEM car companies. As a result, I have appreciated the broad level of experience, as well as the in-state geographic location they have contributed to this transfer of the module operation to Fredericksburg."

Ernest Dandridge Carrier Design Services has been developing the enclosed trailer technology for a number of years now and reports to be in ongoing discussions with a number of other OEMs and trucking firms about the application of the technology.