Ewals_New-TrucksEuropean logistics service provider, Ewals Cargo Care, has invested an undisclosed sum in 189 new trucks that are compliant to the Euro 6 emissions standard. It will bring the company’s fleet to a total of 457 at the end of this year. The company has also announced it plans to add a further 200 trucks next year. The new trucks will replace existing older vehicles and at the same time boost the overall fleet number bringing it to around 550 in 2016.

Ewals is sourcing the trucks from a number of commercial vehicle makers, including Scania.

Ewals has brought the new trucks into service during 2015 and it now means that 60% of the company’s fleet is equipped with Euro 6 engines. The vehicles have Transics on-board computers, which connect drivers with the route planners, enabling them to easily send instructions, loading or unloading information or specific customer requirements.

Ewals has an annual turnover of €300m ($320m) from the automotive sector, a significant share of the company’s overall €550m turnover.