Recent innovations in supply chain technology have made it possible for companies to have the best of both worlds; creating truly optimized plans on the one hand, and executing profitable trade-offs instantly on the other. This webinar will look at how JDA's Agile Control Tower could benefit your supply chain.

JDA’s Manufacturing Planning solution now features an Agile Control Tower (ACT) which:

  • eliminates the “guess-and-check” cycle for planners
  • provides real-time, rapid 'what-if' analysis
  • diagnoses the root-causes behind problems and prescribes specific resolutions from a pre-determined library of options
  • provides instant simulation and projects the impact on customer service and profitability
  • allows planners to rapidly evaluate trade-offs before taking action

As a result of such innovation in technology, companies are now able to benefit from a truly optimized plan while executing rapid course corrections profitably, without making any compromises between speed and intelligence.

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This webinar was presented by:

puneet_saxenPuneet Saxena Global Vice President, Manufacturing Planning, JDA

Over the past 22 years, Puneet has worked closely with global manufacturing companies across a variety of industries solving complex supply chain issues. In his current role at JDA Software Group, he is responsible for defining the company’s solution strategy to address evolving supply chain needs across different manufacturing industry verticals.

Puneet holds advanced business and engineering degrees from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and an undergraduate engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India. He is the co-author of Leading the Way to Competitive Excellence – The Harris Mountaintop Case Study.


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