Fedex Express has received an Authorised Customs Broker Certification in Japan. The certification states that FedEx is capable of security management, and will allow the company more lenience with regards to document screening and inspections. This status is expected to streamline the handling of cargo transport for FedEx customers.  

A spokesperson for Fedex confirmed that automotive was among the industries that the company was serving, although he declined to comment further on the company’s business in the sector from Japan. 

Certified operators include the five FedEx offices at Narita Station, Narita International Airport Station, Kansai Station, Kansai International Airport Station and Shinsuna Station.  

The Authorised Customers Broker certification allows Fedex to complete the AEO (a system designed to ease and simplify customs procedures) tax declaration after import cargo deliveries to customers. It will also enable Fedex to perform export declarations for cargo outside the bonded area, on the condition that the cargo is transported by an AEO-certified operator. 

These measures are expected to enhance efficiency, significantly cutting both time and associated costs. Whilst representatives were unable to comment on the implications of this certificate for the automotive sector, it is understood that the ACB will impact positively on global logistics relations with Japan. 

Masamichi Ujiie, vice-president of North Pacific FedEx Express, said: “As a certified customs operator, Fedex will continue to enhance both security and compliance in order to benefit Fedex customers by providing safe and rapid services.”