ELUPEG, the European cross-industry organisation dedicated to achieving sustainable logistics through supply chain collaboration, has appointed Stephen Harley, Ford’s director of C-MAX and C/D product transition, as its president. Harley will head a new board of governors at the organisation, with further appointments soon to be announced.

Once announced the board will set out to build on ELUPEG’s 12-year history of bringing greater sustainability to the supply chain by promoting successful collaborations within and between different sectors.

The voluntary and non-profit organisation brings together a variety of OEMs, freight management suppliers, IT systems, rail, air and maritime service providers and Harley is no stranger to its work. 

“I have participated in and benefitted from my involvement with ELUPEG since its inception and am pleased and honoured to be asked to fulfill the role as president of the Board of Governors,” said Harley.

He will now help oversee the organisation’s drive for greater collaboration in the supply chain and its focus on joint projects between companies to develop sustainable lean supply chains, improve customer service and reduce costs.

“On behalf of the Executive Board of ELUPEG, I am delighted that such an industry icon as Stephen Harley has agreed to take on this important role as part of the next phase of development of ELUPEG,” said its chairman, Professor Alan Waller O.B.E.” This new "shipper led" but still inclusive approach is the only way that collaboration can be delivered to the benefit of society at large. I wish Steve and his vice presidents well in their new roles.”