Gefco is setting up a joint venture with Spanish logistics provider Bergé to strengthen finished vehicle operations in Spain. The new company will be called Bergé Gefco and combine the fleets and resources of both companies’ divisions in the country to offer customers a complete range of finished vehicle services, including transport, technical services, inspection and delivery.

In a statement the companies said that the goal of the venture was to build stronger relationships with customers and help them improve processes, make the best of existing resources and increase responsiveness.

Those customers will be able to benefit from 340 hectares of storage space and ports, as well as the ability to coordinate and transport 1.4m cars per year in a combined fleet of more than 700 trucks and 100 train wagons. In addition, the Bergé Gefco will offer a wide range of additional services at its 10 logistics centres throughout Spain, including repair and painting, car wash, delivery preparation and quality and accessorisation.

"We look forward to establishing a joint venture with Bergé, and our partnership will allow us to offer an expanded line of quality services that will benefit our customers, partners and employees," said Luc Nadal, CEO of the Gefco Group. "The new company will be well positioned to anticipate the changing needs of the automotive industry and we look forward to pooling resources and driving innovation."

Spain’s car industry produces 3m vehicles a year and exports 2.4m of them and the companies said that by pooling resources they expected to strengthen domestic and international flows. [mpu_ad align=”left”]

Bergé Gefco in figures

650 employees

Headquarters: Ciempozuelos (Madrid, Spain)

340 hectares of storage area

1.4m vehicle capacity

700 trucks

100 rail cars

40,000 sq.m storage space

10 logistics centres in: Ciempozuelos, Pinto and Villa Verde (Madrid), Barcelona and Tarragona (Catalonia), Sagunto (Valenzia), Vigo and Porrioro (Pontevedra), Santander and Zaragoza.

Represented in 26 ports throughout Spain