Gefco_GefboxTransport and logistics provider Gefco has extended its contract with construction equipment maker Caterpillar in the UK to include the provision of a reusable packaging programme that will use its GefBoxSystem.

Gefco has been supplying a European road transport solution between the Caterpillar suppliers and its plants for a number of years. Following a pilot programme with Caterpillar’s BCP division (building construction products) the logistics provider is now also managing the conversion of its one-way packaging to a range of reusable packaging services.

Under the new terms Gefco will manage the inbound transport of the packaging to Caterpillar’s suppliers and collect empty packaging from production sites. The company said the service includes standardisation of packaging, increased load capacity, better protection and a resulting increased production space.

“We are delighted to be awarded this exciting opportunity to build on our relationship with Caterpillar and development of our GefBox solution, which is already used by over 1,500 customers across 22 international markets,” said Roy Fenner, global automotive account manager at Gefco. "We look forward to continuing to deliver excellent customer service and the highest level of support we have provided to Caterpillar during our relationships.”

* Caterpillar has just elected Denise Johnson, currently vice president with responsibility for the Material Handling and Underground division, as group president of Resources Industries.