Gefco_AlgeriaGefco has reported that its subsidiary in Algeria, which was established last year, made a turnover of €5m ($5.8m) in 2014. Algeria is Africa’s second largest automotive market.

Gefco Algeria has established two vehicle distribution centres in the country, at Mostaganem and Boufarik. The 5-hectare Boufarik facility, which is near the capital, Algiers, also offers warehousing and logistics management services.

The Algerian subsidiary handles the receipt and inspection of vehicles, as well as storage and distribution to various dealerships, on behalf of the importer Saida. It also handles the distribution of new vehicles to dealers for PSA Peugeot Citroën. In total, the company moved 55,000 new vehicles in 2014.

"The automotive sector is one of the pillars of our development strategy in Algeria,” said Bertrand de Techtermann, managing director Gefco Algeria. “We have all of the qualities needed to support the development of car manufacturers and equipment suppliers in Algeria and North Africa. Our aim is to become a key player throughout the Maghreb region in the coming years.”

The company said it aimed to double its turnover in Algeria in 2015 to more than €10m ($11.2). It said that Algeria was well located for trade with Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, and that the country’s logistics sector was experiencing significant change, driven by a large number of investment plans and infrastructure modernisation projects.

Gefco Algeria said it has made the development of overseas activities as one of its priorities for 2015 and has invested in the deployment of new flows from Algiers to Vietnam, Dubai and the United States.