Gefco_REC_signing1Transport and logistics provider Gefco has signed a three-year partnership agreement with Russian Export Center to provide services for Russian and international exporters operating in the country. Gefco said the agreement would start with the provision of export services for the automotive industry before moving into other manufacturing sectors.

Russian Export Center is a joint-stock company established as part of the development bank Vnesheconombank. It offers a specialised one-stop-shop for exporters, providing financial and non-financial support, and interacting with relevant ministries and agencies.

Gefco said it would bring door-to-door logistics and transport solutions, and access to its global network, while Russian Export Center would provide legal, financing and business development advice. Gefco is supported by the fact that its majority shareholder is Russian Railways. It has been active in the Russian market since 2003 and has been providing supply chain services elsewhere for 65 years.

Gefco’s chairman, Luc Nadal, was joined by the general director of Russian Export Center, Peter Fradkov, at an official signing of the agreement in St Petersburg.

“I am really happy to sign this cooperation between Gefco and Russian Export Center,” said Nadal at the signing, adding that he saw the agreement as one that could significantly help Russian companies to face worldwide competition and achieve sustainable positions in the global economy.

Services on offer include information on key markets up to the final implementation of logistics schemes, access to a global network of agents and carriers in more than 150 countries and customs and tax clearance services.

Fradkov said his company was happy to start working with Gefco given its global expertise and reputation, and the fact that it had been active in Russia for more than a decade.

“This will allow us not just to share our experience in export development and support but also to implement large-scale projects, arrange industry conferences, exchange information and experience in logistics and tax procedures, budgeting, supply optimisation, and a wide range of other processes,” he said. “I am sure that cooperation between Russian Export Center and Gefco Group will be mutually beneficial and successful”.

Export logistics for the automotive industry will be under discussion at this week’s Automotive Logistics Russia conference in Moscow, which begins on June 28th.