GeodistrucksTransport and logistics provider Geodis has expanded its team in India and moved to bigger premises in Mumbai.

The company, which is experiencing increased business across the sectors its serves in the country, is now based at The Qube in the eastern business district of Andheri. The location on the Andheri-Kurla road is just 0.5km from Mumbai’s international airport.

“The relocation will foster a higher level of service excellence to our customers and also accentuates our commitment towards increasing our business development focus in the western region of India,” said Leif Voelcker, managing director for the South Asia cluster at Geodis.

The company also has western regional offices in Pune, Ahmedabad and Baroda, among its 14 sites across India.

Geodis provides freight management, freight consolidation, industrial project management and a free trade warehousing zone in the region.

In separate news, Geodis has recently moved a consignment of six Bombardier train carriages from Savli in India to Brisbane in Australia. The move was the second such delivery and part of a project linked to the movement of 75 regional trains (made up of 450 coaches) from India to Australia, which will continue over the next 30 months. Geodis said it would coordinate various inbound flows to supply the Bombardier Transportation production site in Savli. The company is also carrying out ocean transport between India and Australia for the 450 coaches.