General Motor’s Johnny Saldhana (pictured) has been promoted to vice president, Global Purchasing & Supply Chain – GM International Operations (GMIO), from his position as vice president Global Purchasing & Supply Chain, for Latin America, Africa & Middle East region (LAAM).
Saldhana will move to Shanghai, China in his new position. In a new move at the company, Russia will now also come under the remit of GMIO, which makes Saldhana the top purchasing vice president for a region that includes Asia, Africa, Russia and South America.
Edgard Pezzo has moved from his position as LAAM supply chain director at GM do Brasil to take lead Purchasing and Supply Chain in the vacancy left by Saldhana.
In turn, Pezzo’s role will be filled by Wlamir Giardini, currently purchasing director, Body Exterior/Current Future Business GMIO, based in South Korea.

In other moves at GMIO, Robert Strain will be returning to the US from South Korea in a new yet-to-be-announced role while his position as director of logistics at GMIO will be taken over by Andreas Ginkel, who had been vehicle logistics planning manager at GM Europe.