Global logistics space provider Goodman has announced the opening of its new complete knockdown (CKD) kit export hub for Volkswagen.

The warehouse, which is located in the Duisburg-Kasslerfeld port and logistics complex, in western Germany, came online last week. It will be supplying automotive parts to all Volkswagen’s non-European plants.

The decision to locate the plant in Duisburg was made eight months ago, and full operations are expected to begin on April 1st.

Whilst searching for a well-connected logistics location, the carmaker selected Goodman to develop and invest in operations at the port of Duisburg. The area has strong rail and road connections and direct links to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Goodman opened the facility alongside syncreon, a specialist provider of integrated logistics services, supply chain solutions, and management for inbound and outbound across a number of industries.

Volkswagen commissioned syncreon for the processing of in-house logistics at the Duisburg-Kasslerfeld site. The company will manage the property and employ more than 200 staff, providing new jobs for many skilled employees from the region.

Goodman has reportedly invested €10m ($13.8m) in the property, which saw the regeneration of a 50,000-sq.m brownfield site. Construction began in the earlier part of July last year, and the facility will consist of a 20,000-sq.m storage area, with more than 3,000 sq.m for loading and unloading trucks. It will also have a 1,000 sq.m loading bay.?

Last summer, when the decision was announced, Leslie Bothge, a spokesperson for the VW, confirmed that the Duisport hub would supply its major markets outside Europe with vehicle and powertrain parts.

She confirmed that CKD vehicle and parts exports would remain part of the group’s expansion in new markets.

“CKD production was and is part of Volkswagen’s growth strategy,” she told Automotive Logistics.

Kits are expected to be exported to VW’s global facilities including those in North and South America, Asia and Africa. The group also has CKD plants in Russia, India and Malaysia.