Hansmann Logistik, part of the Panopa Group, will start supplying cable sets to VW from a new 10,000 sq.m parts warehouse in Flechtdorf near Wolfsburg this summer. The parts are being supplied for four car models and the facility will be moving
around 7,000 cable sets a day, with storage capacity for 54,000 of them.

“Because of the exhausted capacity at the present site, we decided in favour of relocation, including construction of a new automatic small parts warehouse,” explained Christian Seidl, managing director of Hansmann Logistik.

Up to now the company has been supplying 2,200 items daily for two car models from its smaller facility in nearby Hattorf but will transition to full supply from the new facility during the summer.

“We currently transport the parts to be delivered to the line on schedule with three trucks in [a] 24-hour operation and thus endure needs-oriented supply for assembly,” said Christian Seidl. “As of the end of August we will then supply the production line completely from the state-of-the-art automatic small parts warehouse at the new location. At the same time we will double the number of trucks deployed to six.”