mosolf-historie-content-5_optAutomotive logistics specialist Horst Mosolf has announced a reorganisation and name change as part of what it says is a more intense focus on its customers in a rapidly changing market.

The company’s official operating name has changed to Mosolf SE & Co.

Separate subsidiaries have been created for the company’s four automotive logistics business units: Mosolf Transport, Mosolf Logistics & Services, Mosolf Retail Solutions and Mosolf Releasing Solutions.

“The aim is to focus even more intensely on customers’ needs in a rapidly changing market with a much more flexible corporate structure and a unified presence both outwardly and inwardly,” said a company statement.

Dr Kersten Ruoss was recently named as the chief financial officer of the group and joined its management board.

Mosolf SE will look after the management and control functions for the group.

Dr Jörg Mosolf, managing partner and chief executive manager of the Mosolf Group, said: “As a pioneer of vehicle logistics, we have repeatedly set milestones. However, this creates a sense of responsibility to act on behalf of our customers, our employees and our business environment – both now and in future.

“We’re more than happy to assume this responsibility together with all those involved. The newly created structures provide the necessary basis for this.”

The company has been operating in Europe for over 60 years. Its founder, Horst Mosolf passed away last year, at the age of 87.