“K” Line’s subsidiary company in India, K Line (India) Private Limited, has started milkrun operations of automotive parts in the suburbs of Delhi for Denso India. The company has suggested that it is one of the first examples of such activities for tier suppliers in the country.
The milkrun service was introduced in July in Delhi and will use six trucks.
Milkruns combines consecutive circulation of returnable, refillable boxes assigned by the customer with efficient delivery of automotive parts at specific times. K Line pointed out that before the introduction of milkruns, manufacturers delivered their equipment on an individual basis, using any number of trucks to dispense their respective goods. Denso parts will nowbe collected in lots, from several suppliers, and placed in one truck. The service is anticipated to reduce inter-factory traffic.

K Line already carries out extensive milkrun services for the automotive industry in Thailand, where it uses around 300 trucks.