Dutch logistics provider Koopman Logistics has bought German finished vehicle carrier Möhlmann Automobil-Logistik for an undisclosed sum. According to Koopman’s managing director, Jon Kuiper, the companies agreed on the transfer to secure the future of Möhlmann given the absence of a family member to succeed its owner Günter Möhlmann. The company will continue to operate under the Möhlmann brand and Mr Möhlmann will continue to lead the company for the next two years.

“Möhlmann and its staff are recognised in the market as a quality organisation [and this is the] reason for Koopman to keep the brand and company intact,” Kuiper told Automotive Logistics.

He added: “We expect both Koopman and Möhlmann to benefit from this transaction in the further optimisation of operational processes.”

The acquistion of Möhlmann’s fleet of 90 car carriers brings Koopmann’s fleet up to 490 vehicles and strenghthen’s its position in the German market, where it already provides services for a number of carmakers, including a long standing partnership with VW. Koopman reports being the biggest automotive transport provider in the Benelux region.

Möhlmann moves more than 1,200 vehicles in Europe for customers including Audi, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Koopman has also taken on all 100 employees from Möhlmann bringing its total workforce to more than 900 workers.

"We offer a broad range of services to our customers in the car industry in Northwest Europe in particular,” said Kuiper. “This expansion of both our capacity and working area will enable us to offer our customers an even better service."

Koopman Logistics Group said it is the biggest automotive logistics provider in the Benelux region and offers integrated logistics services to carmakers, importers and managers of large vehicle fleets, inclu ding lease and rental companies. The company has a joint annual turnover of approximately €130m.

“The ability to offer a broad range of car services under one roof makes it possible to greatly reduce the lead time in the logistics process, which gives the customer significant cost benefits,” said the company in a statement.

Koopman also operates car terminals in Born and Amsterdam.

Prior to this latest takeover Koopmann acquired Dent Art, a company specialising in smart dent repair based in Belgium.