Dr Stephan Freichel, former managing director of Logwin Solutions Deutschland and board director at Microlog, is about to apply his long experience in the automotive industry in the academic field by taking up a professorial seat in Cologne. 

Whilst at Logwin, Freichel was responsible for integrating such companies as Microlog and Thiel Automotive under the umbrella of the newly-formed Logwin Industrial Goods. He was a key player in establishing the company’s reputation for efficient handling of automotive, aftermarket, industrial and retail activities. 

His automotive career also included logistics management positions at General Motors, Merck and ZF Trading.

Freichal now plans to apply his business experience to academic theory. In his new assignment at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Freichel will be researching distribution logistics and co-leading the newly-established logistics programme. Cologne, which is one of Germany’s biggest universities, has a strong automotive faculty, which offers a programme for production and logistics, as well as automotive engineering. 

Freichel told Automotive Logistics that “in addition to teaching and research, I will continue my activities regarding selective business strategy and project management consultancy.” He also stated that his focus will remain on value chain optimisation.