Further to the announcement made earlier this year that Lohr Industries has signed a partnership agreement with Convertible Trailer Manufacturers Worldwide (CTM), the French equipment maker has built its first prototype convertible trailer and will be marketing it to the transport industry over the coming months, including at the IAA commercial vehicle show in Hannover, Germany, which begins this week (25 September).

CTM’s vehicle transporter designs mean trailers can convert in a number of configurations to accommodate vehicles and general flat deck freight, along with industry standard containerised cargo or general freight that can be moved in its own AutoBox containers.

Under the partnership established with Lohr, the equipment maker is supporting the convertible trailer concept developed by CTM, and is committed to manufacture and develop the product globally, as well as providing servicing and warranty support.

This first prototype is the Western European Hi Mount or Semi Trailer, capable of hauling six automobiles and one 40’ or two 20’ containers. The next model will be a Western European Stinger or Drawbar model capable of hauling nine automobiles and 20-22 AutoBoxes.

Lohr has not committed to the number of CTM equipment units it will build as this is will be subject to commitment from the customer base according to the deal. However, the two companies are fully committed to each other as partners said Bill Pawluk, CEO of CTM.

“We are working on several potential scenarios today that would account for a large number of trailers to be brought into the market,” he added cautiously.

Pawluk maintains that the automotive logistics industry is spending $75 billion a year worldwide because of inefficient transport, with 42% of car carrier journeys logged with empty trailers – the highest empty factor in the transport industry. Filling those empty miles is the answer to the problem, according to Pawluk.