Mike Sturgeon has been Executive Director of ECG – the Association of European Vehicle Logistics – since March 2010. Representing over 100 European companies from almost 30 countries who move finished vehicles by road, river, rail and sea. For over 20 years ECG has provided a platform for the Finished Vehicle Logistics sector through a Secretariat based in Brussels.

Mike has more than 20 years’ experience in the automotive logistics sector which has included a wide variety of roles working both for an OEM (16 years with Toyota) and also for logistics suppliers (LSPs). This extensive experience in all aspects of managing the finished vehicle supply chain has provided the ideal background to effectively represent this specialised industry at European level in all respects.

Prior to joining the motor industry Mike had a varied career which included 8 years in the military (unusually he served in both the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force) and a short spell as a stockbroker.