HCME_ZaxisHitachi Construction Machinery Europe (HCME) has signed a contract with Neovia Logistics for the management of its parts distribution centre in Oosterhout, The Netherlands. Neovia will also be handling distribution of spare parts from the warehouse to service centres in Europe, Middle East, Russia/CIS and Africa.

The 53,000 sq.m facility, which cost €12m ($13.4m), has the capacity to stock up to 90,000 individual parts lines at any one time.

Beginning this month (May), Neovia announced it would takeover the people and assets required to manage HCME’s warehouse operations, transport and distribution of Hitachi machinery spare parts. The contract has been signed for five years and eight months.

“Neovia and HCME have been collaborating extensively on this project in order to deliver a smooth transition to Hitachi’s customers and employees, so that we are prepared to deliver an on-time, on-performance and on-budget start-up,” said Pascal Born, business development director of Neovia.

“We are excited to start this close cooperation with Neovia as a global leader in spare parts logistics,” added Moriaki Kadoya, president, CEO and chairman of the Management Board of HCME. “We are confident that through their expertise and experience, we will be able to take our spare parts business to the next level, meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements.”

HCME also has an excavator assembly plant in Oosterhout.