French-based logistics service provider Norbert Dentressangle announced last week its acquisition of the freight forwarding activities of the Daher Group, which includes facilities and operations in France and across the Russian market.
The Daher Group, based in France and established in 1863, is expected to close the transaction with Norbert Dentressangle in the third quarter of this year. The company’s current freight forwarding operations include a total of 287 employees and achieved a turnover of €80m ($105m) in 2012.  
Daher’s freight forwarding operations include a network of eight agencies in France (Roissy, Le Havre, Strasbourg, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Nantes and Toulouse) and three in Russia, spread across Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Saint Petersburg. Daher initially focussed on industrial clients in Russia, including the automotive sector, but has gradually diversified into the luxury goods sector.
Hervé Montjotin, chief executive officer of Norbert Dentressangle, said that the acquisition demonstrated the group’s expansion strategy for freight forwarding just three years after establishing the division at Norbert Dentressangle. Annual freight forwarding revenue at the company has reached €220m.
“We are strengthening our network of offices in France and adding three in Russia. We are also welcoming 287 professionals with recognised expertise in such sectors as chemicals, aviation, automotive and luxury goods,” said Montjotin. “This gives us a significant, solid base in France, a key market in which we foresee a wide range of opportunities for commercial synergies with our group’s transport and logistics activities. It will also improve the profitability of our freight forwarding business.”
In December 2007, Norbert Dentressangle acquired the European logistics provider Christian Salvesen, and in 2010 the automotive operations of the British-based TGD.