OIA_GlobalPackaging and supply chain management provider OIA Global has opened an office in Barcelona, Spain as part of its European expansion plans. The company, a subsidiary of investment firm Lacy Diversified Industries (LDI), said the decision to open the office there was driven by demand from several multinational customers.

“When our clients target a geographic market for expansion, we’re always there to support them,” said David Ower, managing director of Europe. “Each market is unique and our team of logistics professionals in Barcelona are there to ensure that our customers have the same seamless experience in Spain as they enjoy in all other markets.”

OIA Global provides packaging and supply chain services to a range of sectors and in the automotive area supplies specialist pallets to support the containerisation of finished vehicles.

The company said it recognised the significant recovery in the Spanish economy and the regulatory reform underway. It added that its new office in Barcelona would allow it to further build its infrastructure throughout Europe.

Mirela Duras, OIA’s corporate support manager in Europe, pointed out: “The Spanish economy has grown for ten straight quarters, making it a very desirable market to invest in.”