Optimas, a supplier of fasteners and c-class components to Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) production facilities in the UK, says it has formally agreed a continuation of its 24-year relationship with the carmaker.

The firm, which first began working with JLR in 1993, has been delivering parts direct to the JLR Castle Bromwich plant from a nearby purpose-built facility since 1998. It uses small electric vehicles to pull carriages to the plant via a private road. For other JLR facilities, Optimas transports pallets of containerised product using its own vehicles.

“The service has continued to grow and we now supply over a billion fasteners to thousands of ‘points of fit’ within the JLR UK manufacturing network – our components are found on every Jaguar and Land Rover in production today,” said David Harvey, vice-president for automotive at Optimas.

Optimas employs 1,600 people globally. It has 68 distribution centres, 10 quality labs and 2 manufacturing facilities.