Sustainable packaging provider, Orbis, has introduced a new, sealed-edge technology for the packing and delivery of automotive parts.
The company, which stated its interest in improving inventory control and enhancing the safety of its workers, implemented the new design as an alternative to the stitched, top-edge or folded over design used in corrugated sheets for divider sets.
The company has custom-designed the sealed-edge alternative and focused on durability in an effort to reduce costs for its assembly manufacturers. It is expected to ensure safer handling of parts, especially when removing containers.
An Orbis representative told Automotive Logistics: “The process creates a less sharp, rounded edge – promoting better safety for both workers and product.”
Adam Glorioso, Orbis’s production manager, commented: “The safety, comfort and efficiency of workers is an important concern in today’s fast-paced automotive assembly operations. We take this concern seriously and recognize that ergonomic packaging can drive many of these benefits.”

Glorioso told Automotive Logistics: "We will be supplying any of our customers that require custom protective dunnage and have a need for a more ergonomically friendly top edge on their plastic corrugated dividers than the traditional (unsealed) design.  These customers are predominately in our automotive and industrial market segment and include both OEMs and their tier suppliers.

"This technology was created by using custom-designed manufacturing equipment which allows us to seal the edges of plastic corrugated sheet in an efficient matter in order to keep up with the speed in which we fabricate the sheet into custom protective divider sets for our customers’ parts."
"This equipment is highly efficient and is able to perform the edge sealing operation on sheets between 3.5-6mm in thickness at a rapid rate that aligns well with our production process.  It surpassed our expectations regarding speed and quality and its high rate of speed in operation will ensure that it will be able to keep up with the speed in which we produce custom dunnage in our facility where we have a strong focus continuous improvement, process efficiency and lean manufacturing."
The sealed edge technology is currently available and is already being used in the production of custom protective dunnage.