Peugeot Order Online_optPeugeot has decided to launch a comprehensive online car-buying service in the UK. The company claims it is the first time every step of the buying process – including financing and establishing a guaranteed price for part exchanges – can be completed in one go over the internet.

“With no need to visit a dealer to complete finance paperwork, this ‘buy-at-home’ capability remains unique in the market,” it said in a statement.

The new service was quietly launched in the second week of January and achieved its first order within 12 hours of going live. So far vehicles ordered using the service have ranged from the small 108 to the 3008 SUV.

In response to questions by Automotive Logistics, a company spokesperson said Peugeot chose the UK for the service because of its “dynamic” retail environment and the “strong digital presence” in the country. The UK is the third largest market worldwide for the brand.

The spokesperson said the existing Peugeot dealer network would still prepare all the vehicles and fulfil home delivery of any cars purchased online and added that there were no plans to replace the dealer distribution model with some sort of centralised distribution network.

The finance deals are also available immediately online, with vehicle auction company, Manheim, underwriting the part-exchange element of the deal.

“We think the platform strengthens our retail model,” said the spokesperson. “For example, a user could build and save a car into their shopping basket but not order. If they visit their local dealership they can log in and retrieve the basket onsite and continue their journey where they left it at home.”

In December, Hyundai announced the January launch of its online car purchasing offering in the UK.