Opportunities to deep dive into key operational sector areas, including through Ideas Labs workshops, case studies and interactive sessions on specific challenges and opportunities

  • Data Visibility:
    Learn real solutions for how the automotive industry is using data and connectivity to improve real-time visibility to anticipate and respond to dynamic supply chains.

  • Network Design and Optimisation:
    Keep pace with fast changing and volatile supply chains by learning best practice in systems and processes for supply chain network design and routing across inbound, outbound and aftermarket supply chains.

  • Choosing the Best Partners:
    Hear from and talk face-to-face with your logistics partners, customers, suppliers, peers and collaborators to strengthen the relationships necessary to tackle logistics challenges.

  • Electric Vehicle and Battery Supply Chains:
    With EV and battery production in significant ramp up mode, get to grips with the specific regulations, equipment and packaging requirements, fleet impacts and service opportunities to manage electric vehicle supply chains inbound, in-plant, outbound and for aftermarket and recycling.

  • Implementing Brexit:
    Brexit looks almost certain to increase trade friction and require more customs checks. Gain insight into the necessary investments, skills and systems needed to manage flows to and from the UK and EU starting from 2021.

  • Dealing with Disruption:
    The complexity of the automotive supply chain leave it vulnerable to global shocks, from coronavirus to capacity constraints – learn more about the tools, preparation and response measures that leading manufacturers and service providers use to mitigate risk. 
  • Finished Vehicle Logistics:
    European vehicle logistics in the 2020s face ever-greater product complexity, new regulations and customer expectations. Workshop solutions and hear best practice from the leading decision makers and providers across road, rail, shipping and compound operations.
  • Tier Supplier Supply Chains:
    Under pressure to reduce costs and protect investment in new technology, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers need critical logistics and data solutions to optimise production and delivery. Get closer to suppliers’ specific requirements.
  • Aftermarket in Focus:
    Aftermarket and service parts supply chains are not just essential to retaining customers, but are undergoing technology transformation as customers shop and order more online. Join the discussion on how OEMs and suppliers are planning aftermarket service, from parts delivery to circular economy recycling.
  • Packaging and Containers: Keep up with the new materials, tracking technology, connectivity and product requirements that will continue to transform automotive packaging and container management.
  • Logistics Automation:
    From paperless processes, IoT devices, autonomous transport systems through AI planning tools, European automotive logistics are moving fast towards new automation opportunities. Hear case studies and learn about what works and what doesn’t.

  • Growth opportunity – Belt and Road:
    Europe’s trade with China and Asia has many dynamic opportunities, and automotive logistics is at the leading edge, from transcontinental rail to managing closely linked supply chains. Drill down into where the biggest needs and opportunities lie.

  • Growth opportunity – North Africa and Middle East: Rising production and supplier flows in an out of Morocco, new markets in North Africa and opportunities in the Gulf – explore massive automotive logistics opportunities on Europe’s periphery.

  • Growth opportunity – central and eastern Europe:
    Vehicle production, suppliers and battery manufacturers continue to invest in Europe’s eastern markets, from Poland to Hungary to Serbia. Explore the technology and logistics requirements for closely linked, just-in-time supply chains in eastern Europe.

  • Startup Supply Chains:
    The automotive industry is seeing new entrants, tech firms and EV startup companies jumping into the European supply chain. Gain insight into which startups are succeeding and what their logistics requirements are.

  • Look outside your box – insights from other industries:
    Automotive supply chains might be the world’s most complex, but manufacturers and providers can learn a lot from dynamic industries across ecommerce, electronics and retail – take the opportunity to hear case studies from those excelling outside of automotive.

  • Talent, Skills and People: 
    Automotive logistics might move parts and vehicles, but it’s all about people, from drivers to supply chain designers to IT engineers. Interact with leading decision makers, young leaders and students as we explore the skills and capabilities required to succeed in automotive logistics throughout the 2020s and beyond.

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