Real estate developer Prologis has revealed the results of a recent survey into logistics locations that ranks the top ten most desirable in Europe, with Venlo in the Netherlands topping the list followed by Antwerp/Brussels and Rotterdam.

The research was carried out in partnership with business intelligence provider Eyefortransport and surveyed 160 owners and occupiers of logistics property across Europe. Those canvassed were from a range of industries that included automotive, pharmaceutical and retail. Criteria included proximity to customers and suppliers, availability of labour and flexibility of government, as well as quality and proximity to infrastructure and transport access.

“Respondents had the opportunity to choose more than one industry they work in,” said a spokesperson for Prologis. “This is because 3PLs/4PLs are often active in several verticals. Almost 40% of all respondents are active in the automotive sector.”

The resulting report, Europe’s Most Desirable Logistics Locations, also ranks the most sought after logistics locations over the next five years. Prologis said that by 2018, Venlo will remain the most popular location, although its lead over the next three most favourite locations will narrow. Among the top 10 locations, Pan-Regional Romania, Ile-de-France and Frankfurt am Main will gain most in popularity by 2018 said the company.

Top 10 logistics locations in Europe

2. Antwerp/Brussels
3. Rotterdam
4. Rhein-Ruhr
5. Madrid
6. Liége
7. Central Germany
8. Pan Regional Romania
9. Ile-de-France
10. Düsseldorf

Read the full report here.