ShawnMasters_ProTransNorth American transport and supply chain management provider, ProTrans, has started using a transport optimisation tool from JDA Software to maximise capacity utilisation and delivery speed for its automotive customers.

According to the company, the JDA Transportation Modeler is designed to provide real-time data on ProTrans’ delivery network and give visibility on transport and logistics conditions. The system monitors data including network locations and distances, shipment details such as weights, volumes and number of units being moved, and transport rates.

ProTrans said it needed the new modelling tool to keep up with its customers’ demands.

“With capacity continuously being a concern and the ever present pressures of meeting guaranteed savings commitments, we needed a state-of-the-art optimisation tool that could meet the demands of our teams,” said Shawn Masters (pictured), chief commercial officer at ProTrans. “JDA Transportation Modeler gives us the flexibility to optimise in many different ways while meeting the demands of our business.”

Danny Halim, vice-president, industry strategy, distribution and 3PL at JDA, added: “JDA Transportation Modeler will help ProTrans manage the high complexity of today’s logistics landscape and make optimal customer recommendations, maximising their capacity utilisation and delivery speed.”