Transport and supply chain management provider, ProTrans, has been presented with the Mahle 2013 Innovation Award for border processing services at its Laredo service centre in Texas.

Mahle supplies engine, filtration and thermal management systems.

ProTrans has been building full truckloads of filtration system components at the Laredo centre and transporting them to Mahle’s Mexico Filtration Plant at Santa Caterina, reducing the number of trucks needed and therefore lowering cost for the automotive systems supplier.

ProTrans halved the number of trucks needed per week from six under-utilised trucks to three dedicated full truckloads per week. Around 156 trucks move an estimated 3,800 part numbers per year to the Santa Caterina plant.

“By providing border processing services at ProTrans’ Laredo, TX Service Center and utilising logistic load bars to optimise trailer capacity, ProTrans was able to build full truckloads (FTLs) to Mahle’s Mexican plants,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Since fewer trucks were needed this significantly reduced Mahle’s transportation cost and provided the intangible benefit of reducing their carbon footprint.”

The award was given at Mahle’s Transportation Day, which was held at the Mexico Filtration Plant.