The European rail logistics provider, Rail Cargo Group, is rebranding its divisions in Italy to achieve greater parity in its corporate identity through a so-called “three-word brand logic”, and provide customers with a better service.

Express-Interfracht Italia will now come under the title of Rail Cargo Logistics – Italy, bringing it in line with a move made last month to rebrand the wider division - Express-Interfracht Internationale Speditions – under the Rail Cargo Logistics brand. The company has an international logistics network between the North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

At the same time the company’s logistics centres in Desio and Santo Stino in northern Italy will be rebranded to more closely identify them with the Rail Cargo Group. Magazzini Desio Brianza (MDB) and Magazzini Veneto Orientale (MVO) will now be called Rail Cargo Terminal – Desio and Rail Cargo Terminal Santo Stini. The centres provide services for various manufacturing plants in the region as well as connections between Italy and Eastern European countries.

Finally, the company has said that it will be strengthening connections to the ports of Trieste and Monfalcone under the rebranded division Rail Cargo Carrier – Italy (formerly Rail Cargo Italia).

Rail Cargo Group purports to be one of the leading rail logistics companies in Europe. Based in Austria and Hungary, it offers rail logistics solutions to a range of industries, including automotive, between the North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean.