RenaultDealerFranceRenault Retail Group (RRG), a subsidiary of Renault Group and the second-largest car distributor in Europe, is about to launch a new online service designed to centralise its sales to used car dealers in France. Users of the website will have access to the group’s national inventory and information on the vehicles for sale, as well as advice on the buying process, according to the carmaker.

Vehicles will be available to buy on the website 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This can be carried out through immediate purchase of a permanent stock of vehicles and limited-time promotions on a selection of vehicles (sealed bids, open bids and private sales).

The company said that detailed information will be provided for each vehicle including a complete description, photos, and the vehicle inspection report, which gives information on the vehicle’s condition and lists any damage).

RRG’s reorganisation of the used car sales includes a national delivery service in France that will exploit the nine storage yards RRG has located across the country.

The service will be active at this address in the coming weeks:

In 2014, RRG sold more than 440,000 vehicles in France and Europe (263,000 new vehicles and 177,000 used vehicles), generating revenue of €7.1 billion.