RobertFinkRobert Fink, director of technology and performance at Surgere, will lead a new team in India, under Surgere Advanced Technologies (SAT), as the company expands its automotive manufacturing support.

Fink joined the Surgere executive team in November 2014 and has more than 15 years of experience in technology management. Before his role at Surgere, Fink worked as the chief operating office for Area Wide Protective.

William Wappler, president, Surgere said, “As Surgere continues to focus on providing its clients with world-class technology, Fink can orchestrate that process to proactively take us deeper into the packaging data and information era. I can think of nothing more important than continually striving toward higher levels of client satisfaction. The role of SAT is solely focus on that mission.”

SAT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Surgere, that was strategically created to maintain a high level of support and service for Surgere’s automotive clients.

The team is a combination of legacy employees and new talent, comprising lead developers, senior developers, junior developers, database administrators, and database engineers, that have knowledge ranging from software development to supply chain, and manufacturing experience.

Surgere said that the team’s location will allow 24/7 global coverage, and a better ticketing response time. “We’re taking intentional steps towards data science, analytics, predictive analysis and packaging supply chain automation. As our clients take us to new heights, we’ll continue to strive to exceed those expectations on all technology fronts,” Fink said.
Surgere now has nearly 1,000 NAFTA automotive manufacturing shipping doors equipped for packaging supply chain data capture and advanced analytics. “The Surgere sRFID platform is exceeding tag acquisition rates of 99% with a container direction flow accuracy at a rate in excess of 98%. These historic numbers are reflective of strong performance, standards and technology performance within automotive manufacturing. With high confidence, we’ll forecast our enhanced SAT abilities to continuously drive and achieve ‘world class’ performance standards,” Wappler added.