Ryder is a commercial transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions company. Ryder Fleet Leasing & Maintenance Solutions provides leasing, rentals, used vehicle sales, maintenance, fuel and safety services to help customers deliver top-line service with bottom-line savings. Ryder Supply Chain Solutions gives you end to-end visibility that drives growth and speeds products to market, through our 250-plus supply chain engineers and 50m sq.ft of managed warehouses. Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solutions provides solutions combining IT engineering with vehicles, drivers, routing, business intelligence and scheduling to keep businesses moving.

Ryder is the only provider that offers a unique portfolio of solutions in fleet management, dedicated transportation and supply chain management. As a result, we touch peoples’ lives in ways they probably don’t realize – from the coffee and cereal they have for breakfast to the car they drive to work in, the computer they use, and the products they pick up on the way home.

With our combination of know-how, processes, engineering and infrastructure, we help customers mitigate transportation and logistics disruptions, from natural disasters and road or port congestion to parts availability and vendor production issues. Ryder allows companies to outsource such challenges to a partner with the experience, resources and expertise to drive effective solutions while increasing business speed, reliability and efficiency.

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