Schnellecke Logistics has been awarded a new six-year contract with BMW for the sequencing of parts to the carmaker’s plant in Dingolfing, Germany.

“We will organise part of the BMW plant supply in Dingolfing, including incoming material, warehousing, and just-in-sequence deliveries,” said Olaf Dommernuth, project manager at Schnellecke. “In April a small team started with the planning, and the project will start in November.”

According to Schnellecke BMW will provide the space at its sequencing centre at the Dingolfing plant and the operation will include incoming material handling, warehousing, picking and sequencing, as well as empty container management. The company is recruiting 600 workers for the contract.

Schnellecke already provides services for BMW at its Leipzig, following a six-year contract that was signed last year. Here the company supplies materials to the press and body shops, as well as the supply of materials for carbon fibre plastics production at the plant. Services include processing and coordination of in-plant logistics processes, including goods management, warehousing and picking.

“Back then, BMW already trusted our ability to change and develop further, and that we have full control over the logistics processes,” said Dommermuth.