SDV, a subsidiary of the Bolloré group, which ranks amongst the top ten globally for transport and logistics, has launched a mobile tracking app. The app is intended to enhance the company's supply chain management capabilities and is available for tablets and smartphone users.

The SDV app integrates the features of universal shipment tracking, alert management, information and geographic location. Users will be able to login with secure access codes, enabling customers to view specific details relating to their order, which include packing details, stakeholders and the commodity of their requested items.

‘Push’ alerts will be sent to notify clients of any new position on sensitive shipments, and the ‘link’ feature allows real time follow-up of shipments. It also measures the levels of carbon dioxide involved in transport, according to the greenhouse gas protocol method. Similarly, there is an ‘Agencies’ setting which enables customers to search for, locate and save SDV offices in a list of contacts, by continent, country, or current location. 

Users of the app will also be able to upload and share documents and pictures, and show proof of delivery secured through QR codes integration and signature capture. 

SDV has historically served as an intercontinental air and ocean freight forwarder. It has expanded its services over time and now offers a full range of industry requirements, such as organising transport, customs and regulatory compliance, logistics, industrial projects and supply chain services.