Global vehicle tracking provider Simplytrak has launched a free online freight exchange called 'shipntrak' that it said enables shippers and hauliers to match cargo with available space.

The company said the auction-style platform will help reduce costs and promote competition amongst hauliers. At the same time it will provide hauliers with the potential for more revenue by registering empty vehicles for loads on what would otherwise be empty return journeys.

Simplytrak said relevant loads can be matched with suitable vehicles based on a number of different categories including location, route, vehicle type and dates. It also enables real-time tracking of the cargo from pickup to delivery.

The system can be utilised without any additional tracking hardware fitted to vehicles according to the company.

"Use the automotive filters and highlight your search area with a map-based geofence, and the system automatically matches available loads for all types of commercial vehicles, from car transporters to minivans to HGVs," explained one of shipntrak directors, Eham Allam. He said that the software's cost calculator assists in pricing jobs and the Android/iOS apps facilitate tracking in real time.

"As well as using shipntrak to source back loads the service can be used as a sub-contracting tool, you can post your own or search for other available vehicles and keep them on the road, working and returning a profit," added Allam.

The system is currently live and running a Beta version for free.