SkodaSmartGlove01Škoda workers at the carmaker’s Mladá Boleslav plant in the Czech Republic are trialling an industrial glove that includes a data capture device designed to help them work more efficiently and avoid errors in the handling of components. The company said the ProGlove helped to optimise the supply of parts while also making work easier for employees.

According to Škoda, the ProGlove will help, with a built-in scanner that shows whether the right part is being used and whether production steps are being correctly followed. Data capture and material testing are incorporated into natural hand movements, something that means goods can be registered quickly and easily, according to the carmaker.

More specifically, the glove means codes on parts can be read both vertically and horizontally. The code is then confirmed using the activation button on the index finger and then reconfirmed either by a sound or a vibration, preventing an incorrect code from being scanned.

“Nowadays, logistics is an important economic and competitive factor which contributes considerably to a car manufacturer’s success,” said Jiří Cee, head of Škoda Brand Logistics. “At Škoda, we therefore continuously test cutting-edge technology in order to improve the day-to-day work of our employees. The intelligent ProGlove helps our team to work more quickly, more efficiently and with virtually no errors.”

The Mladá Boleslav plant is a busy one, with complex logistics operations. It makes the Fabia, Rapid and Octavia models, alongside three-cylinder engines, the supercharged TSI engines for Škoda and Volkswagen cars, MQ 100 and MQ 200 gearboxes, axles, and other components. The plant builds 2,000-2,400 vehicles a day. It also packs and ships thousands of containers of parts to international production sites, including semi- and complete-knockdown kits (SKD/CKD), meaning efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse and at line side are especially crucial.