In-depth overview and analysis of the major trends, regulations and business strategies that are reshaping European automotive logistics and the wider value chain.

  • Master Market Dynamics:
    Expert analysis of European automotive sales, production and trade, including macro-economic trends, transport and material cost developments, impacts of trade tensions and Brexit, CO2 emission and environmental regulations as well as changing technology and consumer habits.

  • Keep up with Logistics:
    Learn, share and discuss strategies to optimise automotive logistics performance and reduce costs, including managing production and product complexity, improving supply chain visibility, adapting new freight management tools, selecting transport modes, and serving new automotive market and customers.

  • Electrify your Supply Chain:
    As OEMs and suppliers invest billions of euros to develop, produce and distribute electric batteries and vehicles, understand more about the requirements and opportunities for logistics to power this critical evolution in the European automotive supply chain.

  • Digitally Transform Operations:
    As the digital toolbox for automotive logistics expands across data visualisation, real-time tracking, enhanced connectivity and even artificial intelligence, get to grips with the most important and relevant systems and processes for your supply chain.

  • Get Real about Going Green:
    Europe is increasingly a trendsetter and rule-maker in environmental laws and CO2 reduction, and that includes transport and logistics. Under the latest requirements and learn from hands-on examples about how to decarbonise logistics flows, use alternative fuels and design sustainable supply chains.


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