Did you know that there are many regional and bi-lateral free trade agreements (FTA's) that provide the opportunity for significant savings in customs duties? MIC's origin calculation system (OCS) supports you in calculating the origin of your products, maintaining a compliant, reliable and efficient FTA process which translates into cost saving.

This webinar will show how MIC OCS can:

  • support you with the tools to solicit and store origin documentation from suppliers
  • automate the processes for creating, distributing and receiving certificates of origin responses from your suppliers in an organized manner
  • store and process rules of origin for an unlimited number of unique free trade agreements
Join us to learn how our 700+ multinational clients have achieved tremendous savings in time & money and increased transparency in customs supply chains.

October 21 | 16:00 CEST | 15:00 GMT | 07:00 PDT | 10:00 EDT

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This webinar is presented by:

Bernhard BauerSales Manager EMEA

Bernhard has worked with MIC since the beginning of 2012. He has a wealth of experience in successful GTM projects with large international clients. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Information Technology and has ten years experience working for international organisations focused on automation.

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