Global logistics provider TNT has upgraded its international service to Germany to provide guaranteed next-day delivery on shipments, including for heavier freight. The company said the upgrade will help companies, including those in the automotive sector, to achieve more efficient supply chains and services to Germany.

“Improving service to customers is central to TNT’s Outlook strategy,” said Ian Clough, managing director, TNT International Europe. “We are determined to increase the reach and efficiency of our international express delivery service in Europe, starting with our number one destination, Germany.”

Germany is Europe’s largest express delivery market and TNT’s number one destination for international deliveries.

As well as guaranteed next-day delivery to all postal codes in the country, TNT is offering an optional delivery before 12:00 nationwide. The company said this represents a doubling of the number of locations that can be reached before noon and, for the upgrade as whole, means the company’s customers can reach 10% of the German territory one day faster.

“In the automotive sector, for example, spare parts delivered before 12:00 can be used for repair work that afternoon,” said the company in a statement.

The upgrade builds on several operational improvements made by TNT in recent months, including investments in its European Road Network and air hub in Liege. Last autumn the company said it was focusing on three initiatives as part of a revised business strategy and rebrand, including profitable growth through a focus on small-to-medium enterprise (SME) customers and selected verticals, including automotive. Improving service quality is seen as the first priority according to the company.