Toyota Motor Europe officially launched its new €23.2m ($31.4m) parts distribution centre in Illescas, near Madrid in Spain, which it said was enhancing the delivery of parts and accessories across the country. This week the company confirmed that short sea supply from Belgium is supporting deliveries by road.

TPCES forms part of 14 Toyota Parts Logistics Centres in Europe that supply parts for vehicles in the region, mainly by road. Toyota reported that it sold more than 36,000 Toyota and 2,000 Lexus vehicles on the Spanish market in 2012, a combined market share of 5.6%.

The 19,600m2 facility, which began operations last year, relocates Toyota Parts Centre España business from San Agustin de Guadalix, north of Madrid and increases the stored parts range to 52,500, up from 44,500 at the previous facility. Toyota said the increased storage capacity will mean that 97% of parts and accessories are available for delivery when ordered.

Logistics provider UTi is handling the distribution of parts to dealerships in Spain. When Automotive Logistics News spoke to TME last year the company said it was looking at the opportunity to support deliveries to the Illescas centre by short sea from its central European parts hub in Diest, Belgium (TPCE). This week the carmaker confirmed that it is now running this service in conjunction with short sea forwarder Transfennica. The service began December 3rd last year.

Last Thursday (January 31st) Toyota held an inauguration ceremony attended by representatives of the national and regional authorities, including José Manuel Soria, Spain’s minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, as well as Didier Leroy, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe and Jacques Pieraerts, president and CEO of Toyota España.

“I am very proud to represent Toyota today, celebrating the completion of this big expansion project. It is certainly positive news for Spain and the region of Castilla La Mancha,” said Leroy. “This investment highlights our commitment to the European market and to Spain in particular. The new parts centre officially inaugurated today is the cornerstone to provide a better service to our customers and ultimately increase our competitive position in the Spanish market.”