David Larson, senior vice-president of business at United Road, announced his resignation last week, with the 14th October his last working day for the North American finished vehicle logistics company. He is taking on a role at as vice-president of business development at Comprehensive Logistics Company, an inbound logistics and automation company.

Larson has worked on United Road’s business development strategies since 2003, and has acted in the logistics industry for over 15 years, including as the national logistics manager for Kia Motors America, and as director of business development for a global shipping company. Under his tenure, United Road has experienced significant sales growth. 

United Road specialises in coast-to-coast as well as global logistics services. Each year, it manages the transport of nearly 2m cars, and its services include working with major global vehicle manufacturers, re-marketers, financial institutions, car auctions, car dealers, retail single units and personally owned vehicles. 

In a statement, Larson thanked United Road’s clients and stated his conviction that the group’s future was in safe hands. “I remain an incredible fan of United Road and everyone I’ve had the opportunity to work with – from our global vehicle manufacturers to our auctions, dealers, and single unit clients.” 

United’s president and CEO Kathleen McCann paid tribute to Larson’s service, and thanked him for helping to achieve steady progress for the company. “Dave was a critical member of the team…part of his legacy is the solid team he built. I join him in his confidence that he is leaving United Road’s customers in very able and dedicated hands.”

A successor has not been announced.