It brings together in one place all the content from our print magazines, our worldwide conferences, our e-news service, our video interviews and webinars, and our directory of logistics providers. It displays our Twitter feed and provides connections to our Linked-in groups.

Its overall objective is to provide you with intelligence, as well as news and information.

We've integrated all this content with a standard set of search tags and displayed it in five general categories. Go to the News & Intelligence page as the gateway to it all. The sortation is intended to help you understand the companies, people and operations in place across automotive logistics and the supply chain in the different regions of the world.

In addition, you can now see in one place all the information you need about our series of seven annual conferences. Held in all the key automotive markets of the world, they provide the crucial opportunity for you to actually meet your suppliers, customers, competitors and partners, and to do so in a professional environment of learning, discussion and social interaction. And of relaxation; even logistics people need that...

Just like improving the supply chain, this site is a work in progress. 

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be transferring more of the archive of print content from Automotive Logistics and Finished Vehicle Logistics on to the site. We'll be publishing earlier and extended interviews with key senior executives at OEMs and tier suppliers. As always, there will be reviews of different regional markets, and regular special reports on everything from Toyota's activities in the USA to China's exports of finished vehicles, and from packaging to premium freight. Our originally written news service will continue.

We also want to see more opinion and personal views, so there's a special category for them.

As ever, we welcome feedback, about our content or about this site.

Finally, to make all the content easily available to the widest possible audience, for the immediate future we've removed any requirement for registration. That won't last, so enjoy while you can!

You can be assured that we and the entire team at Automotive Logistics will continue to work hard to provide you with the information, intelligence and connections which we hope will help you do your job more effectively. 

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