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The Fracht Alliance was established in 2014 for parties wanting to access the transport data exchange and management platform, ALCS (Automotive Logistics Control System). The ALCS platform connects transport logistics demand with resources in real time and enables more than 80% of operations to be automated. We have made it easier to do business through our platform, which enables a faster and efficient reaction time, the avoidance of data management errors, and the ability to operate from anywhere in the world. Incredibly, the reaction time within the data exchange has increased productivity up to 20 times. The platform can also adopt individual OEM standards/quality requirements to ensure that every LSP is made aware of all standards pertaining to the load that they are about to transport.

Critical functionality, naturally

OEM members can share with LSPs advanced transport notices, transport orders, damage reports, transport forecasts (annually, monthly, weekly), blocking or unblocking of vehicles, special forecast notification (eg. end of year and production stops), delivery restrictions and specification of vehicles. LSP members can share with OEMs planning information, truck plates, loading/exit confirmation, forecast response, planned load configurations, geo-positioning of transport assets and complete supply chain transparency.

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Innovative and unique functionality

ALCS also provides:

• Empty miles savings

• E-gate solution for ALL incoming trucks

• Transportation transparency 24/7

• Governance compliance

• Real-time information exchange

• Delivery accessibility

• Accurate and simplistic operational support

Privacy is paramount

The good news is that we can offer complete separation between loads that are being moved internally within the LSP and work that is exposed to the Alliance for fulfilment.

A member can monitor any data managed by the system. All related parties responsible for operations are automatically informed of KPIs, schedule amendments, supplier capacity and delays.

Where permitted, the platform will share any data with customers, partners, drivers or other persons at the same time to maintain business continuity.

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