Ship Central & Save

Port Canaveral is the most economical and convenient ocean gateway in Florida. Strategically located on the East Coast of Florida – directly on the main Atlantic shipping lanes – Port Canaveral offers cost saving advantages as a Southeast auto gateway.

Florida is one of the nation’s biggest auto markets, and Central Florida is home to some of the world’s largest automobile and heavy equipment auctions. With the port’s deep-water multipurpose berths adjacent to its auto processing facility, Port Canaveral offers the advantages of quick vehicle offload, uncongested intermodal connections and shortened drive times to keep inventory closer to dealer networks and better supply chain optimization.


On-Terminal Auto Processor

Port Canaveral’s auto processing facility is well lit, secure, paved and lined and includes a climate-controlled warehouse equipped with LED lighting and designated vehicle traffic lanes. To keep pace with market demands, Port Canaveral offers a cutting edge, cloud-based terminal operating system and personalized solutions to meet individual customer requirements. A well-trained dedicated workforce can handle up to six vehicles per driver an hour resulting in quick offloading of vehicles to the first and last point of rest.


  • Pre-delivery vehicle inspections
  • Custom inventory management
  • Coordination with transportation
  • Tailored vehicle processing
  • Personalized status reports
  • Customs clearance assistance

Quick Facts

  • Dedicated RO/RO berth
  • Cloud base terminal operating system
  • Short transit time from buoy to berth (45 minutes)
  • Shortened drive time to all major Florida markets
  • Foreign Trade Zone #136