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Port Freeport is a deep-water port resting on the Texas Gulf Coast only three miles from the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In 2018, Port Freeport ranked 19th among US.ports in international cargo tonnage handled; and fifth in the State of Texas by the same measure.

Port Freeport offers an abundance of acreage for development with over 500 acres that are environmentally mitigated and shovel-ready.

During the past five years, Port Freeport has experienced exponential growth and is taking strategic initiatives to maintain that growth and provide the surrounding community with jobs and positive economic benefits. One of these initiatives includes deepening and widening the harbour channel depth to increase navigational safety and efficiency, and to accommodate larger vessels. Port Freeport already receives Neo-Panamax RoRo vessels.

Port Freeport offers customers first-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure. An OEM storage and processing terminal was established in 2015. Our processing terminal includes over 60 acres of open storage and warehouse for vehicle processing.

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In 2018, approximately 70,000 vehicles were handled via Port Freeport, of which nearly 90% were new vehicles. During 2019, volumes have increased overall, and Port Freeport saw a 40% increase in new vehicles handled.

Future expansion includes a multimodal industrial park with key site characteristics including:

• 100 acres allocated for OEM vehicle storage and processing

• 80 acres allocated for warehouse development

• Manifest and unit train service

Port Freeport recently celebrated the completion of a new rail line that is served by Union Pacific and connected to the Horizon Terminal Services (HTS) facility. HTS recently expanded their partnership with Port Freeport to add a 20-acre tract to accommodate additional automobiles and ro-ro cargo. HTS will utilise this new acreage as a staging area for receiving and delivering of all cargos with a primary focus on OEM imports and exports.

Port Freeport is located just 60 miles south of downtown Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, and offers a highly qualified, technical labour pool.

The State of Texas, Brazoria County and Port Freeport offer competitive incentives, tax credits and exemptions.

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• 10% of Port Freeport’s business in automotive

• Existing customers include: Horizon Terminal Services, Sallaum, and Glovis