Salzburg-based Vega International transports the most valuable products in the automotive industry. With a highly innovative spirit, we do this while assuming our responsibility for the environment within this most sensitive of sectors.

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The network behind our success Vega transports vehicles by road, rail and sea. Our ship and train solutions in particular help us to actively protect the environment by saving CO2. Working with strategic rail partners, we implement projects and innovations that allow us to offer environmentally friendly, customer-oriented and pioneering out-of-the-box solutions. In 2019, we saved more than 12,000 tons of CO2 with more to come with new customers and railway connections.

The newest development is our trailer-use road-rail Link adapter, which can carry any kind of non-craneable trailers as well as trucks, vans or SUVs in intermodal trains across every continent. 

Our philosophy is simple: excellence

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We invest a significant amount of time as well as money to deliver on this promise. Only the best drivers are used in order to ensure a high level of safety, punctuality and environmental responsibility.

Ongoing employee training is at the forefront of our philosophy. We update the knowledge and the skills of our drivers to stay current with the ever increasing requirements of the industry. A company-wide driver award scheme secures high performance, with the best driver every year receiving a new car from our insurance company, which is reducing its costs through our motivated drivers.

The name Vega stands for innovation, environmental protection, efficiency and committed employees.

Today, Vega International, along with its subsidiary operations and branches, has approximately 1,000 trade plates across Europe, 150 special truck carriers and 150 roadrail Link adapters, enabling it to move up to 1,000 commercial vehicles a day.

Creating confidence

The leading worldwide manufacturers in the commercial vehicle industry, such as Mercedes, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Volvo, Scania and Dongfeng, as well as trailer companies like Schmitz, Krone and Kässbohrer, trust the reliability and responsibility of Vega.

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Today, we handle entire transport and logistics networks, regardless of distance and the number of units. Approximately 100,000 vehicles are currently transferred each year and this number is growing, particularly due to our innovative rail solutions. In addition, Vega provides the commercial vehicle industry with complementary services such as warehousing, refurbishing, release agents and more.

Wherever it may be in the world, Vega knows what is required and provides the necessary solutions to deliver vehicles in time and safely to their destination. In addition, Vega provides the commercial vehicle industry with complementary services such as warehousing, refurbishing, release agents and more.



• 95% of business in automotive

• Existing customers include: Daimler, Volvo, Iveco, Scania, MAN, Schmitz, Krone, Kässbohrer, Yutong, King Long

• Annual turnover: €95m ($108m)

• Vega is active in the EU, Central Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East