Logistics services providers Scherm Group and ARS Altmann have recently invested in two new electric-powered trucks to support inbound and outbound activity at BMW’s vehicle assembly plant in Munich.

German logistics provider Scherm Group, which was already using one electric vehicle for inbound deliveries to the carmaker’s Munich plant after setting up a pilot project back in 2015, has added a second electric truck to deliver components from its supply centre in Karlsfeld, 12km outside the city. Use of the first electric truck has reduced CO2 emissions by around 48 tonnes a year compared to a conventional vehicle, according to BMW.

“The successful pilot project with our first e-truck, launched in 2015, has motivated us to pursue this course further and use electrified vehicles on additional routes, said Kurt Scherm, CEO of the logistics provider. “The new supply centre in Karlsfeld is ideal for this purpose.”

Meanwhile, ARS Altmann began services last month with an electric truck to move new cars on a 15km route through Munich (pictured). It is the first all-electric truck for finished vehicle deliveries in Europe, according to Altmann.

On its way from the town of Garching, north of Munich, to BMW Welt (the multiuse centre where buyers can take delivery of BMW vehicles) the truck is loaded with vehicles to be handed over to customers. On the way back, it transports finished vehicles from the BMW plant, which will later be dispatched from the Garching site to the European sales network. The e-truck is used with a covered semi-trailer.

Dr Maximilian Altmann, CEO of ARS Altmann, said: “With our rail transport systems, we have been contributing to taking heavy goods traffic off the roads for years. It is now time for us to play a role also in putting zero-emission trucks on the road. Together with the BMW Group, we want to drive emission reductions in Munich’s city traffic.”

Taken together, the three electric trucks are saving 82 tonnes of CO2 annually. Their batteries take 3-4 hours to charge and provide a maximum range of 160km.

At an event to mark the two new trucks going into service, the City of Munich’s director of business development, Kurt Kapp, said the topic of reducing CO2 was more relevant than ever.

“We are therefore delighted that the BMW Group, together with its logistics service providers, is expanding its fleet of e-trucks and making a forward-looking contribution to reducing emissions in the city of Munich,” said Kapp. "We need innovative and sustainable logistics concepts in order to protect our citizens’ health and enable future production within the city at the same time."

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